BlueBelle's Bunny Bakery

Luxury Handmade Dehydrated Treats, 

Food, Forage & Enrichment

 For Rabbits and Guinea Pigs 

♡ 𝙱𝚕𝚞𝚎𝙱𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚎 ♡

Kia Ora I’m BlueBelle a Blue Flemish Giant Bunny. I'm over the Rainbow Bridge now binkying with all my new friends, so my bakery is now in memory of me. 

 My Mom Joanne makes all of our BlueBelle’s treats which are handmade with love, in small batches, fresh in our home in rural Canterbury, Aotearoa - New Zealand.

Mom originally began making healthy treats especially for us, then after they were popular following a charity bake sale for a sick bunny, she created BlueBelle’s named after me, her first rescue bunny, to help fund looking after us & more rescue buns that have joined our whānau (family)

My Husbun Bertie & fellow rescue bunnies Buddy & TinkerBell, Barney & Pearl enjoy tasting and approving all of our hand made treats. 

Enjoyed by rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and even our dog Bob.

Mom only uses non sprayed plant ingredients that are researched to be Bunny & Piggy safe to eat, plus quality hay and high fibre pellets. 

Forage, Plants and flowers are hand picked, and dried naturally, dehydrated or used fresh.

Our BlueBelle’s treats are not baked but dehydrated at a low heat to retain their valuable nutrients which baking can remove.  If oats are in the ingredients they are wholegrain for extra fibre which Mom grinds into a fine oatmeal & pre soaks them before using, so they cannot swell in your fur babies tummy.♡ 

♡ No added sugars, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.♡

♥︎ Thank you so much for your Donations ♥︎ In June 2024 we raised $79 for Christchurch Rabbit Rescue ♥︎

♥︎♡ Donations to help Christchurch Rabbit Rescue can be made at checkout and are very much appreciated thank you. All donations collected each month go to Christchurch Rabbit Rescue in New Zealand & as a registered charity donations $5 & over are eligible for tax rebates x ♥︎♡

Christchurch Rabbit Rescue's website 

If you'd like to join a friendly rabbit Facebook page with very helpful advice on rabbit care, I highly recommended Rabbit Advise & Support NZ

 Also, reliable information on rabbit care can be found in Westley’s World’s files: 

Located in Rural Canterbury, New Zealand